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Matanivusi Supporting Ocean Conservation Group

May 17, 2017

"LIFE IS A WAVE 2017" 
If you are in the Bay Area on Saturday, May 20th get along to this event celebrating surf and coastal conservation.

Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort is proud to be assisting.  

Life Is A Wave is just around the corner and we hope you have May 20th saved on your calendar and your tickets purchased. In case you are on the fence, we want share a bit of the great stuff we have gathered for you in our auction.  
Stunning art and photography from the best in the business, including Thomas Campbell, Chris Burkard, and Blaze Syka. We also have fantastic trips lined up from some of our sponsors like Escape Campervans, Marine Layer apparel (Windy City getaway anyone?) and more!
There will be a limited amount of items available for you to BEGIN BIDDING THIS WEEK. Once you buy tickets, you will receive a notice to view these items online and begin your bidding war.

SUP Week 2017

SUP Week 2017 September 10-17

Personalized Techniques Instruction


Each day you receive personalized instruction both on and off the water

Downwind Heaven

Downwind every day, any distance that suits



Relax and Rejuvenate


Go Surfing!





3 Superb Meals a Day

You can fish, snorkel, relax by the pool, visit the local village or a range of other activities.


Couples per night: Paddler/Surfer  FJ$560 (AUD$370)
       Non Paddler FJ$515

Single per night: Paddler/Surfer  FJ$850 (AUD$560) 

Transfers: FJ$400 (2 pax) then FJ$50 per person for extra.

*These are all inclusive prices for boat transport, SUP instruction, board hire, meals, accomodation, yoga, surfing, snorkeling, fishing

For more information or to book call Mick Di Betta 0404556880 or Jenny Di Betta 0408879725 



Fly to Paradise for $516 with Fiji Airways

For One Day Only!

November 28, 2016

FLASH SALE on 28 November, Cyber Monday from LAX- Fiji with Fiji Airways. So pull out your calendars and get your dates ready. Space will be limited!

LAX- FIJI*  $516 + tax = $786 round trip including tax
Travel dates available from 23 January- 31 March 2017

SFO- NAN  $786 round trip including tax
Travel dates December 1-9 2016, January 15-29, 2017, June 1-11 2017 and 24 July- 31 October 2017

HNL-NAN  $666 round trip including tax

Must ticket (pay) within 72 hours of making the reservation. Availability in R class only and space is limited by the carrier. 

Visit Fiji Airways to BOOK NOW!

Or Call 1-800-500-3454 for more information


Downwind Sup Week @ Matanivusi

September 20th - 27th 2016

Join Mick di Beta, winner and record holder for the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard race. He's coach to the worlds elite paddlers, figurehead and founder of Lahui Kai Paddleboards and a professional lifeguard at Burleigh Heads (Australia). He will host a limited number of SUP enthusiasts @ Matanivusi Resort Fiji,  September 2oth - 27th. Book now to be part of this special group.
Package includes:
  • Accommodation – beachfront rooms, metres from the water with King size beds, ensuite and private deck.
  • Meals – amazing meals using local & imported ingredients.  3 course evening meal; sunset snacks; able to cater to special dietary needs
  • Airport Transfers
  • SUP Board (12’6 Lahui Kai Mantas supplied)
  • Use of Boats
  • 1 complimentary Yoga class per day (private lessons available)
  • Surfing & Local Fishing
  • Village visits & Kava Ceremony
  • Photo package
Here's the programme:-

Day 1
Morning - Paddling technique session using the paddlepowertrainer training device (PPT).  Dry land session.
Afternoon – Paddling technique session on the calm waters inside the beautiful Vunaniu Reef in front of Matanivusi Resort. Depending on conditions, we have many choices of paddling on calm water inside the Reef or in the local river, to focus on paddling technique. We have the option of paddling off the beach in front of the Resort or the boats can take us into Vunaniu Bay, out of any wind.  

Day 2
Morning - Review the Paddling technique session from day one - photos and videos.  Use PPTs to reinforce paddling technique and gain valuable muscle memory to take into the afternoon paddling session.
Afternoon - Downwind Paddling
We have downwind paddling courses for all levels of paddling ability, inside and outside Vunaniu Reef.  A boat will drop you at your chosen site (distance) and remain with you for your paddle back to the Resort.
We have selected 10 km as the maximum distance inside and outside of Vunaniu Reef but have excellent Downwind paddling conditions (World class) of up to 20 km with the Local Trade Winds in this area. We will paddle past 5 great surf breaks 3 of which are World class.
Day 3
Morning – SUP paddle stretching session with Matanivusi Yoga instructor.

Afternoon – Downwind paddling!   So many runs and beautiful places to explore.  Our Resort boats will take us up wind, inside the Vunaniu Reef in comfort and escort all paddlers back to Resort. We will encourage all paddlers to try a different course each time.
Day 4
Morning – Choose to wind down - explore the beautiful river for a cruising paddle, surf, snorkel, fish or just relax at the resort. You will have the full run of Resort activities and we encourage everyone to take a look around our beautiful area.
Afternoon – Downwind Time trial paddle, inside Vunaniu Reef on the 10 km or 5 km course. Our Resort boats will take us up wind, inside the Vunaniu Reef in comfort and escort all paddlers back to Resort. We will use the Time Trial times to set our Handicap Down wind paddle on Day 5.
Day 5
Morning – Review paddling session photos and video from Day 4.  PPT technique session. Use PPTs to reinforce paddling technique before the afternoon’s paddling session.
Afternoon – Handicap downwind paddle back to Matanivusi Resort – winners takes all!!
Downwind paddle inside Vunaniu Reef on a 10 km or 5 km course. Our Resort boats will take us up wind, inside the Vunaniu Reef in comfort and escort all paddlers back to Resort. Each paddler can choose to take on the 5 km or 10 km course and the starting times will be handicapped so that all paddlers finish close to each other.
Every night whilst relaxing by the pool, having a drink at the bar and enjoying your scrumptious 3-course meal, you will be able to view photos of the day’s paddling and other adventures and have an open forum on anything paddling/training related eg. nutrition, equipment, training, racing, etc.

Initiators of Change

Six Companies Driving Sustainabiltiy

August 10, 2016

Earlier this year, Matanivusi was named amongst the elite of the surf and skate industry companies that are leading the charge in sustainability.  Transworld Business included Matanivusi in their article “Initiators of Change: Six Companies Driving Sustainability”We were excited and honored to be recognized amongst such respected and innovative companies.  These companies include Vissla, Patagonia, Firewire, Volcom and Buero Skateboards.

We were also interviewed for a separate article in Transworld Business " Matanivusi | Fiji’s Sustainable Surf Resort on Becoming STOKE Certified". You can check that article out by following this link to the article.

Since the creation of our resort, Matanivusi, we have been single-minded about incorporating sustainability in all our practices and operations.  We designed the resort with the philosophy of  "if you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem".  We built, using plantation timbers, around trees and in a way that maintained the natural beauty of the area with raised platforms connect buildings, thereby minimising our footpriints.  All buildings incorporate passive solar design concepts that negates the need for energy hungry air conditioning. We use a Biolytix waste water treatment system that uses no chemicals and minimal energy. Composting worms (red tigers) break down solids into useable compost and liquids seep through filtration layers and are finally pumped out into drip irrigation watering the gardens. We collect all the water from our roofs and store this is tanks around the resort for use in the rooms and restaurant. We have installed a solar system with battery back up that has reduced our use of a generator to 3-4 hours per day compared to 24/7. Basically we are in a remote location, but only 10 minutes off the main highway, with no grid services available so we had to set the resort up and incorporate all our own infrastructure services as sustainably as we could.

In 2014, we were the world’s first surf resort to be certified by STOKE Certified.  After our first audit of 142 criteria as developed by STOKE, we were certified as “Sustainable” with a score of 84% out of 100.  STOKE bases their sustainability criteria on universally agreed best practice standards represented by the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) and then tailors the criteria to the unique context of the surf and snow industries. STOKE Certified is a non-profit organization. 

In 2016, we were again audited.  This is a prerequisite for maintaining STOKE certification.  It is mandatory to have an audit every two years.  Between the first and second audit, our major sustainable initiative was the installation of our solar power system.  This system cut our emissions by 69%.  On our most recent audit earlier this year, we received a compliance score of 86%.  This recertified our score as “Sustainable" again. .

Our goal going forward is to work toward becoming the world’s first surf resort to reach STOKE’s highest level of certification, “Best Practices”. Wouldnt that be a great award to have... "Matanivusi...the world's first "Best Practice" surf resort" and get more regognition as a leader and initiator in sustainability.In order to meet our goal. We are constantly devising strategies that increase our commitment to sustainability.  Over the last two
months, we have had an intern from San Diego State University come and help devise action plans to be implemented before the next audit. Some of the plans include:
  • Conversion of all lighting to LED
  • Liaison with the village to adopt sustainable practices
  • Establishment of surf club for the local youth
  • Conservation of water
  • Reduction of landfill waste
  • Staff training programs in sustainability 
If you would like to find out more then you can check out our Sustainable Management Plan.