About Matanivusi Resort

An Eco Resort for Surfers

The owners and developers, Brian & Donna McDonald, found this amazing piece of coastline some 11 years ago.  Around the kava bowl with Vunaniu Village Elders they mentioned it would be a great place for a surf resort.  There were some great breaks on the reef fringing the turquoise waters of the lagoon.  The natural forest to the white sandy beach line, the creek and the untouched beauty indicated that a responsible development philosophy was needed.


The resort has been planned as an eco-resort.  The principles being to make as little impact as possible during construction, implement best sustainable operating practices and integration with the local Fijian villagers.

Minimal clearing was done to allow for the main building and the 6 bures.  Sited just metres from the sandy beach the buildings are a metre above ground level.  Using post and beam construction there has been minimal disturbance to the area.  The native vegetation along the beachfront has been maintained and new plantings will protect the beach from any erosion & rising storm surges.  There is also a natural rock platform that acts as a buffer to trap the sand on the beach.

  • For our sewage treatment we use a biolytix waste management system to reduce local pollution and waste.  The effluent is used, to provide underground drip irrigation for the garden.
  • Water conservation.  The resort collects rainwater in tanks for use throughout. 
  • Recycling programmes ensure that all waste is sorted and disposed of through commercial contractors
  • Educational programmes for the local primary and secondary schools.


Kick off your shoes as you won’t need them on the above ground walkways from your bure to the restaurant/games area and you definitely won’t need them to walk the few steps to your beach lounging area.


Vinaka & Mahalo from Eric and Denise from Hawaii!  Matanivusi and the waves and the people were the most pleasant surprise – we loved our experience!  We’ve been visiting Fiji for many years and the Matanivusi experience is unmatched.  The place, the hospitality, kava night and J’s and Pipe and the helpful staff were way above whatever we could have imagined We’ll be back.

Please take a look at our gallery page HERE for our sustainability initiatives